How long will it take to repair my credit report? 

Our clients typically start seeing results in 30-45 days. However, everyone's case is different!  The average length clients stay in our program  is 6 to 8 months. The time frame depends on the amount and type of negative information on your credit report. 

Can I repair my own credit report? 

Yes. Depending on your time, patience, and understanding of credit repair laws, you can successfully dispute inaccurate credit report items on your own. However, the process is time consuming, burdensome and sometimes ineffective for the average consumer. Disputing items is not hard; getting results is. 

Can deleted items reappear on my credit report?

Yes, a negative listing that was previously deleted may eventually be verified by the creditor. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit bureau inform you before they re-report a previously deleted listing. The FCRA also makes it hard for credit bureaus to re-report listings. Because of these factors, it is rare for listings to come back on once they've been deleted.

If a questionable credit item is verified at a later point in time, The Credit Bar will help you challenge the listing again if there are legal grounds to do so.

Do you offer a couples' discount? 

We offer a 10% couples' discount for any two people that seek our services. You do not have to be married. We will still set up two separate accounts, one for each of you to ensure the best service and results possible. Contact us for the couples' coupon code prior to signing up. 

Do you guarantee your work?

No. It is against the law to make guarantees in credit repair.  Not only is it illegal to guarantee results for credit repair, it is impossible to predict the actions of your creditors or the credit bureaus. We do guarantee that we will work hard and efficiently to make sure you achieve optimal results.

Can I cancel anytime? 

Yes. You can cancel at anytime.